Friday, August 7, 2009

WIP Priest

This poor guy has sat, unpainted, in a bits box for at least 3 years. Last night I glued a shotgun on his back and I painted him from head to toe.
All I have left is his face 8)
I know I could have painted the writing on his front scroll better but it was my first time.
I have not decided if I want to add gore all over his evicerator.
Now - my Painting is for table top standard only - very rarely do I spend the time for contest quality - I am just not that good. I prefer to convert and play over painting.

Colors used:
Chaos Black
Snakebite leather
Scorched brown
Foundation Iyanden Darksun
P3 Ember Orange
Reaper Rosey Skin
Gryphon Sepia Wash
Delven Mud Wash

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