Saturday, August 15, 2009

Commander Runoffe

Vallhallans with washes.
Left to Right: Floor wax dip method, both center were badab black wash, no wash.
Commissar with Commander Runoffe back.

Commissar with Commander Runoffe front.


  1. Hopefully some 'ardcoat will tone down the glossyness on the dipped model, the 2nd from left looks the best currently.

  2. I think I prefer the model all the way to the left. I like the glossiness and color that the floor wax gave it.

  3. Number 3, except the face needs a bit more wash I think.

  4. LOL three people ands three different choices. I think Tristan has my vote. The wash is actually faster and easier than the dip. I am trying to pump these guys out for my Necron Campaign. If I was going to do these right I would strip them all and start over because I am a better painter than I was when I originally painted these guys.