Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bases, Bases, we don't need no stinking Bases

The new Imperial Guard codex changed the basing of the Heavy Weapon team - what was individual basing became a large 60mm base. For my campaign with Ben's Necrons I am using my Valhallans and metal Cadians as the PDF of a frontier mining world. My army list includes 17 Heavy Weapon teams. That means I needed 17 - 60mm bases! I had ONE. I looked online to price them - 1.50 each thats 25.50 each for plain ones or for around 3 dollars I could get some resin bases thats $51.00...OUCH. Project: Cheap Ass Base was born. Otherwise known as CAB.
CAB instructions:
  1. Trace the 60mm base onto foamboard
  2. cut out shape
  3. trace 25mm base onto base
  4. cut slightly into base following 25mm base outline
  5. hollow out area to make a 25mm round hole - do not cut through the bottom layer!

CAB - Basic base complete.

CAB Heavy weapons bases
I tried two different textures the left one is medium balast, the right one is textured spray paint.

My friend and I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some resin - we were going to make bases with textures cast on them - we found a toy block casting set - to make castle blocks from plaster for 12 dollars after our 40% coupon....we got that instead - the excess that you scrap off we used to make rubble for my Hvy weapons

The first blocks we made had bubbles in them - so I used a few for a missile launcher team.

Las Cannon Squad

These do not look as good as regular bases BUT it sure was cheaper - and hopefully after I spend some time painting and putting ballast and rubble on the bases, they will not look as bad.
The cool part is that I can remove the figures to keep track of wounds.

Thoughts, Suggestions, Comments?

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  1. Can't argue with simple, effective, and an assembly line fashion. Being able to count wounds too is a nice plus.