Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"The Head"

The Head was found in mine Delta23 Sector 4 on Altares III.
Third shift posing in front of their discovery from L to R : John, Bill, Fred, Sam, One Armed Jack, Overseer Milton, Duke, Ratt and Angry Joe. The "Head" was found in the beginning of third shift - they cleared all the rock and debris to find an Angry Glare. No telling how long this had been buried on this blighted planet.

The Cook and Waterboy getting ready to feed and water the miners as they rotated through their breaks.

Their are four servitors tasked with mining this area, one has been retasked to clear around "The Head" while the others continue to mine for ore.

Fred and Sam with Servitor Tk-143 "Buzzsaw Mcraw".
The overseer was happy. He had made a discovery on his watch that hopefully would make him rich! He decided to check on the progress of the workers and walk around the cavern.
Mission one:
Necrons started out with 4 scarab swarms. and can deepstrike.
Miners started out with 8 miners, 4 sevitors, and the Overseer. Miners have the same stats as conscripts the ones with fire arms (nailguns, some sort of shooting looking tools) count as pistols 6" Str3 ap- the rest just have hand weapons. Servitors have powerclaws but suffer from mind lock when no miner is supervising.
Night fighting rules are in effect in addition the miners have to roll under their initiative to see the scarabs if they move through their field of vision within sight.
Miners are moved according to scatter dice and d6" a roll of a hit means they stay in place and look toward the arrow.
Once alarm is sounded Miners can react as normal. The alarm can be sounded by rolling their initiative after surviving a round of combat or by seeing a scarab swarm and rolling under their initiative or finding dead bodies and rolling their initiative. Then roll for night fighting distance to see who might hear the alarm. those within range must roll their initiative otherwise the noise from the rockdrills and machinery is too loud and the alarm is lost.
We came up with this scenario to try out some different Necron Units. At the end of the battle add up all the miners/servitors killed and thats how many points the Necron Player gets in his next battle. During Scenario one if the Necron player is losing too badly you can let him purchase additional scarabs during this mission by what he has already killed.

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