Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bases, Bases, we don't need no stinking Bases

The new Imperial Guard codex changed the basing of the Heavy Weapon team - what was individual basing became a large 60mm base. For my campaign with Ben's Necrons I am using my Valhallans and metal Cadians as the PDF of a frontier mining world. My army list includes 17 Heavy Weapon teams. That means I needed 17 - 60mm bases! I had ONE. I looked online to price them - 1.50 each thats 25.50 each for plain ones or for around 3 dollars I could get some resin bases thats $51.00...OUCH. Project: Cheap Ass Base was born. Otherwise known as CAB.
CAB instructions:
  1. Trace the 60mm base onto foamboard
  2. cut out shape
  3. trace 25mm base onto base
  4. cut slightly into base following 25mm base outline
  5. hollow out area to make a 25mm round hole - do not cut through the bottom layer!

CAB - Basic base complete.

CAB Heavy weapons bases
I tried two different textures the left one is medium balast, the right one is textured spray paint.

My friend and I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some resin - we were going to make bases with textures cast on them - we found a toy block casting set - to make castle blocks from plaster for 12 dollars after our 40% coupon....we got that instead - the excess that you scrap off we used to make rubble for my Hvy weapons

The first blocks we made had bubbles in them - so I used a few for a missile launcher team.

Las Cannon Squad

These do not look as good as regular bases BUT it sure was cheaper - and hopefully after I spend some time painting and putting ballast and rubble on the bases, they will not look as bad.
The cool part is that I can remove the figures to keep track of wounds.

Thoughts, Suggestions, Comments?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Necron tomb WIP

Ok, this is not a post of my stuff but of my gaming buddy...who has only been gaming about 6 months.....
check out his newest project for our IG/Space Marine Campaign vs Necrons:


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Commander Runoffe

Vallhallans with washes.
Left to Right: Floor wax dip method, both center were badab black wash, no wash.
Commissar with Commander Runoffe back.

Commissar with Commander Runoffe front.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"The Head"

The Head was found in mine Delta23 Sector 4 on Altares III.
Third shift posing in front of their discovery from L to R : John, Bill, Fred, Sam, One Armed Jack, Overseer Milton, Duke, Ratt and Angry Joe. The "Head" was found in the beginning of third shift - they cleared all the rock and debris to find an Angry Glare. No telling how long this had been buried on this blighted planet.

The Cook and Waterboy getting ready to feed and water the miners as they rotated through their breaks.

Their are four servitors tasked with mining this area, one has been retasked to clear around "The Head" while the others continue to mine for ore.

Fred and Sam with Servitor Tk-143 "Buzzsaw Mcraw".
The overseer was happy. He had made a discovery on his watch that hopefully would make him rich! He decided to check on the progress of the workers and walk around the cavern.
Mission one:
Necrons started out with 4 scarab swarms. and can deepstrike.
Miners started out with 8 miners, 4 sevitors, and the Overseer. Miners have the same stats as conscripts the ones with fire arms (nailguns, some sort of shooting looking tools) count as pistols 6" Str3 ap- the rest just have hand weapons. Servitors have powerclaws but suffer from mind lock when no miner is supervising.
Night fighting rules are in effect in addition the miners have to roll under their initiative to see the scarabs if they move through their field of vision within sight.
Miners are moved according to scatter dice and d6" a roll of a hit means they stay in place and look toward the arrow.
Once alarm is sounded Miners can react as normal. The alarm can be sounded by rolling their initiative after surviving a round of combat or by seeing a scarab swarm and rolling under their initiative or finding dead bodies and rolling their initiative. Then roll for night fighting distance to see who might hear the alarm. those within range must roll their initiative otherwise the noise from the rockdrills and machinery is too loud and the alarm is lost.
We came up with this scenario to try out some different Necron Units. At the end of the battle add up all the miners/servitors killed and thats how many points the Necron Player gets in his next battle. During Scenario one if the Necron player is losing too badly you can let him purchase additional scarabs during this mission by what he has already killed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Drop Pod! Thanks Ben!

My friend Ben made me a nifty new drop pod by using modified plans from HERE. Ben has only been wargaming for a short time...I brought him to the dark side by leaving my codexes out and loaning him some books...Yes I am am evil and I created a monster! Ben and I have made foam core buildings, converted flayed ones using this tutorial HERE (scroll down to see our flayed ones)and having Ben to do this stuff with has really pushed me to get some projects done. Thanks again Ben!

Here is the primed Drop pod with a Razorback that just changed from blue to Black. Most of my tanks are 2nd hand so I have had to disassemble and repair them before repainting. When you are poor sometimes you skimp 8). I am using my sons Landraiders Heavy bolter turret - I am going to have to buy a turret eventually.
Again the drop pod and the other side of my RazorBack

Drop Pod with either - Red Griffin captains or Red Griffin honor Guard for what ever leader I decide to go with....What do you think? I can only have one Captain but I could field a bunch of my OOP captains as honor guard.

Before Painting

I added a paint can top for an engine. if you look at the primed pics. Do you think I should remove it or leave it?

Monday, August 10, 2009

IG for Hrothgar!

From left to right: Valhallan, Vor Union, Vor Union, Vor Union
Vor Union, Kryomek, Kryomek, GW Stormtrooper

Storm trooper, GW Imperial Guard, GW Cadian OOP, GW Cadian current
See the Black Drop Pod in the back? My friend Ben - my arch nemisis made that for me out of foam board - expect to see that tommorrow 8)

OOP Imperial Guard, Valhallan, Vor, current Cadian, oop Cadian, Storm Trooper

The End: Vor, GW, GW, GW

Jason, I even painted the Vor for you last night for these pics today 8) All they need is the detail work, washes, ect...
My plans for the IG is to try and get a uniform camo going to tie them together. The Valhallans will keep the grey coat but the pants will get the Urban Camo.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stern Guard Pics

Well I put the Decals on my Stern Guard and my ancient Predator Tank last night. Putting Decals on these guys is a little bit of a chore.

I bought Some Red Griffin decals from Armor Cast about six months ago - I was happy camper when they came in...until I put one on. They do not show up over black because the ink is too thin and needs a white background. I did not want a white background. So I complained and they sent me some gold, white and some more red Griffin decals. Ummm not what I wanted. So last month I started doing some experiments - I tried putting a white griffin decal down and then putting a red griffin on top of worked but it was not the right color red.

I then tried a white decal then inked it red ..presto I found the combination I needed.
Side Note on the Predator Tank:
My Chapter was originally known as the Vindicators and they were a Dark Blue Color - The tank has had four paint jobs since then and it has the word Vindicator decaled on it side - you cannot see it in the pic because it is painted over - but you can see it when you hold it. When I put the name on it there was no VINDICATOR tank in existance other wise I would have left it on there as the tanks name.
In the first game I used it in in 10 years a month ago - 1st turn took out my friends Necron Monolith!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Griffin Chapter Concept Art

These are the color schemes I am going for the Red Griffins Space Marine Chapter.
The Above is the Tactical Marine

To the Right is the Veteran Paint Scheme

Friday, August 7, 2009

WIP Priest

This poor guy has sat, unpainted, in a bits box for at least 3 years. Last night I glued a shotgun on his back and I painted him from head to toe.
All I have left is his face 8)
I know I could have painted the writing on his front scroll better but it was my first time.
I have not decided if I want to add gore all over his evicerator.
Now - my Painting is for table top standard only - very rarely do I spend the time for contest quality - I am just not that good. I prefer to convert and play over painting.

Colors used:
Chaos Black
Snakebite leather
Scorched brown
Foundation Iyanden Darksun
P3 Ember Orange
Reaper Rosey Skin
Gryphon Sepia Wash
Delven Mud Wash

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Experimental paint scheme for Red Griffin Chapter with experimental Decals
AOBR tactical squad SGT. Red Griffins Chapter

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Since I already posted my Contest entry...

I figured I would go ahead and post another RT figure - amusingly enough the same Captain they are giving away at GWpertinent. LOL If I happen to win the contest I will paint the additional captain in my new chapters colors.
Ultra Captain Front

Oldest mini Contest

I entered a contest at GWpertinent where they randomly pick from people's oldest mini - here is mine from the good old days - March 1987 !