Monday, August 10, 2009

IG for Hrothgar!

From left to right: Valhallan, Vor Union, Vor Union, Vor Union
Vor Union, Kryomek, Kryomek, GW Stormtrooper

Storm trooper, GW Imperial Guard, GW Cadian OOP, GW Cadian current
See the Black Drop Pod in the back? My friend Ben - my arch nemisis made that for me out of foam board - expect to see that tommorrow 8)

OOP Imperial Guard, Valhallan, Vor, current Cadian, oop Cadian, Storm Trooper

The End: Vor, GW, GW, GW

Jason, I even painted the Vor for you last night for these pics today 8) All they need is the detail work, washes, ect...
My plans for the IG is to try and get a uniform camo going to tie them together. The Valhallans will keep the grey coat but the pants will get the Urban Camo.


  1. They're really nice mate, can't wait to see them finished.

    Also, you should get yourself over to From the Warp and join the rest of us 40k bloggers.


  2. The camo looks good--it looks similar to the urban camo that GW used on their cadians when the old Cityfight book came out.