Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stern Guard Pics

Well I put the Decals on my Stern Guard and my ancient Predator Tank last night. Putting Decals on these guys is a little bit of a chore.

I bought Some Red Griffin decals from Armor Cast about six months ago - I was happy camper when they came in...until I put one on. They do not show up over black because the ink is too thin and needs a white background. I did not want a white background. So I complained and they sent me some gold, white and some more red Griffin decals. Ummm not what I wanted. So last month I started doing some experiments - I tried putting a white griffin decal down and then putting a red griffin on top of worked but it was not the right color red.

I then tried a white decal then inked it red ..presto I found the combination I needed.
Side Note on the Predator Tank:
My Chapter was originally known as the Vindicators and they were a Dark Blue Color - The tank has had four paint jobs since then and it has the word Vindicator decaled on it side - you cannot see it in the pic because it is painted over - but you can see it when you hold it. When I put the name on it there was no VINDICATOR tank in existance other wise I would have left it on there as the tanks name.
In the first game I used it in in 10 years a month ago - 1st turn took out my friends Necron Monolith!

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