Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Drop Pod! Thanks Ben!

My friend Ben made me a nifty new drop pod by using modified plans from HERE. Ben has only been wargaming for a short time...I brought him to the dark side by leaving my codexes out and loaning him some books...Yes I am am evil and I created a monster! Ben and I have made foam core buildings, converted flayed ones using this tutorial HERE (scroll down to see our flayed ones)and having Ben to do this stuff with has really pushed me to get some projects done. Thanks again Ben!

Here is the primed Drop pod with a Razorback that just changed from blue to Black. Most of my tanks are 2nd hand so I have had to disassemble and repair them before repainting. When you are poor sometimes you skimp 8). I am using my sons Landraiders Heavy bolter turret - I am going to have to buy a turret eventually.
Again the drop pod and the other side of my RazorBack

Drop Pod with either - Red Griffin captains or Red Griffin honor Guard for what ever leader I decide to go with....What do you think? I can only have one Captain but I could field a bunch of my OOP captains as honor guard.

Before Painting

I added a paint can top for an engine. if you look at the primed pics. Do you think I should remove it or leave it?


  1. The engine on top looks good. Can't wait to see the finished product

  2. Definitely leave the engine top dude. Great looking DP, much nicer than mine.

  3. Nice use of foam core.
    I am jealous of your Games Day captain...I want that model...lol..